GEMS is incorporated as a non-profit scientific organization within the State of North Carolina and is registered with the federal government as a non-profit scientific organization.  The Society is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC.

The Society consists of scientists from private, corporate, government, and university organizations.  Membership is open to all interested parties.

GEMS offers meetings of considerable thematic diversity in the fields of genetics and genomics, including topics such as using genomics data for risk assessment, understanding the DNA damage response to treat cancer, and how genomic architecture, such as copy number variation and repetitive elements, influence gene expression.

The goal of GEMS is to promote the study of environmental agents that may pose a genetic risk to humans and to provide a forum for the discussion and interactions among scientists involved in these studies.

The Genetics and Environmental Mutagenesis Society, a southeast regional scientific society, was formed on December 2, 1982 for junior and senior scientists who study the genotoxic effects of environmental agents in various cellular and animal systems, and apply their results to assess the health effects on humans.‚Äč

Genetics and Environmental Mutagenesis Society